Healthcare communication agency for the creation of offline communication

We design creative and relevant offline communication media (brochures, leave-behinds, displays, leaflets, etc.) aimed at healthcare professionals, patients or consumers. We also develop packaging to make your brand stand out on the pharmacy shelf.

Offline marketing for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals

Creating relevant offline communication materials

Digital has become an essential part of healthcare communications, but creating offline marketing material is no less important for reaching a wider audience. Diversifying your marketing channels remains the best way to gain visibility and brand awareness, and to ensure that everyone has access to essential health information.

Our print design and offline communications agency will work with you to develop personalised offline solutions tailored to your needs and those of your audience.

Designing effective medical packaging

In the healthcare sector, packaging is an integral part of medical communication! When a patient buys your product or visits a pharmacy, the packaging becomes a powerful differentiating marketing tool for your brand.

Our offline communications agency creates tailor-made packaging that is both distinctive and creative, to captivate, inform and make a lasting impression on consumers and patients.

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Our combined approach for your offline communication

At Yellow Pill, our knowledge of the healthcare sector and our creativity are brought together to create best-in-class relevant offline and online communications.

Our understanding of the healthcare sector

As healthcare marketing experts, we know the regulations that govern the medical sector. That’s why we design offline communications that respect the rules and ethics of the sector.

Our innovative ideas for your communication

As creative designers, we develop your own unique concept, which we then translate into a range of physical media. Our aim? To create consistent communication with a single message for your business or activity, ensuring that your online and offline marketing complement each other for max impact.

Some examples of our print and offline materials

Our healthcare communications agency develops a range of personalised offline and physical supportive materials for healthcare professionals, patients and consumers.

  • Medical brochures to inform your prescribers or their patients about medicines, pathologies and their prevention
  • Flyers/leaflets to communicate important information in a concise and accessible way
  • Starter kit to support patients when prescribing a new medicine
  • Treatment diary to help patients follow their treatment on a daily basis
  • Customised product packaging (medicines or food supplements) to present your products professionally and attractively in pharmacies

Physical and offline materials for healthcare professionals (general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, medical representatives…)

  • Visual aids & leave-behinds to equip medical representatives with visual and informative tools for their presentations
  • POS (Point of Sale) marketing material to give your products visibility with displays, showcases, posters, pharmacy screens, etc.
  • Roll-ups to promote your brand at scientific congresses and professional events
  • Dosage cards to make prescribing easier
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