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To reach your target audience on the internet, we boost your digital presence, optimise your online visibility (website, SEO, SEA, social media, etc.) and create customised web media and tools (web banners,
e-detailing, e-mailing, etc.).

Digital : a must-have in healthcare marketing

Digital technologies are omnipresent in today’s society, and the healthcare sector is no exception. For all those involved in healthcare, the web has become a must-have tool for finding information, communicating and making decisions.

Whether your target audience is consumers, patients or professionals, e-health is now a reality to embrace. At Yellow Pill, our medical digital marketing experts can help you make the most of e-health, with creative digital communication tailored to your audience.

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Digital compliant and creative marketing materials

A combination of medical expertise…

First time compliant and creative digital marketing materials.

Healthcare is a highly regulated sector, and therein lies the strength of our digital communications agency: we are healthcare experts!

Our knowledge of the medical and pharmaceutical environment and our web know-how ensure that your digital marketing is tailored to your target audience, but also, and above all, to the legal requirements of the sector. Well aware of the many regulations that underpin healthcare communication, our experts will support you throughout your digital projects by developing communication solutions that comply with each of these measures.

… and a lot of creativity

Medical expertise alone is not enough to stand out in this competitive digital world. At Yellow Pill, we combine our medical knowledge with a creative mindset to come up with creative communication strategies and innovative web solutions. Our aim? To engage your brand in a unique digital experience through differentiating, impactful and relevant online communications.

Developing a personalised digital strategy

Whether you’re targeting patients, consumers, doctors or pharmacists, our aim is to propose the most relevant and engaging communication solutions for your brand.

Through a range of online channels and tools, our digital agency helps you to generate interest and gain credibility. Because health is a serious business, it is crucial for us to help you with reliable and relevant information tailored to your target audience. This is our winning formula for delivering a high-quality brand image that will enable you to gradually and for sure convert your targets into customers or prescribers.

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Our competencies for your digital communication

Our expertise in digital communication for the healthcare sector encompasses a wide range of services. To meet your marketing needs, Yellow Pill helps you to elevate your digital communication techniques, such as :

  • Designing and building high-performance websites
  • The creation of your e-detailing for effective presentation of your products
  • Improving the user experience (UX design) for smooth navigation
  • Setting up targeted e-mailing campaigns
  • Optimising your visibility on the internet with organic search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search engine optimisation (SEA)
  • Optimising your web banners to maximise visual impact
  • Strategic management of your social media
  • Creation and production of engaging movies and videos
  • And much more…

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