Harnessing the power of digital tools and channels

« Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale »

Chris Brogan

The importance of digital solutions in the field of healthcare marketing

There can be no denying that we currently live in a digital age. The internet has become an integral part of our lives on many levels. So much so that purchasing virtually any product or service in our society now involves use of the web at some point in the customer journey. And the healthcare sector is no exception.

More and more patients are turning to the internet for information about their current health issues. And healthcare professionals, in turn, also rely in growing numbers on digital tools. Including sales representatives, for example, who use web-based applications for their product presentations. Whether your target group comprises consumers, patients or professions, e-health is now a very much a reality that cannot be ignored.


Creative and compliant digital marketing materials

Our digital creative agency’s mission is to devise creative strategies and innovative web solutions that link your brand to a unique digital experience. To respond to your specific marketing needs, Yellow Pill guides you in taking full advantage of the latest digital communication techniques such as:

  • Designing and building websites
  • Creating e-detailing solutions
  • Designing a differentiating user experience (UX)
  • Setting up e-mailing campaigns
  • Fine-tuning SEO and SEA strategies
  • Optimising web banners
  • Developing pragmatic social media strategies
  • Producing videos and other targeted content

The unique combination of our medical and pharmaceuticals experience and our digital expertise is your guarantee of innovative and effective digital marketing solutions adapted to the needs of your target group but also to the (legal) constraints of the sector.

Well-versed and up to date with the latest regulations impacting healthcare communications, our experts are here to provide end-to-end support for your digital projects, while taking all constraints into account.

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Effective online tools, no matter your target group

Regardless of whether your brand is aimed at patients, consumers, doctors or pharmacists, your objective is to generate strong and lasting engagement between them and your brand. We employ different digital channels to help you spark interest and reinforce your credibility through trustworthy and engaging content. That is how you project an image of a quality brand and, in turn, convert your targets into buyers or prescribers.