Professional event organisation for medical and pharmaceuticals companies

« The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations »

A creative approach for events with lasting impact

In the spirit of offering a truly comprehensive package of services, our healthcare communications and marketing agency also provides professional support for medical and pharmaceuticals companies in organising both large and small-scale events. Our goal? Quite simply to guide you at every step from creating the concept and designing the invitations to coordinating logistics on the day or night of the event itself.

Always at your disposal, Yellow Pill is your guarantee of a successful event in line with your brand and your message. Complete with a full package of supporting on and offline visual material. Because for us, every detail counts when creating an event that will continue to inspire your invitees well into the future.


Yellow Pill works together with Mediquality for your medical events, in order to offer you a genuine à-la-carte solution, including:

  1. Recruitment: invitations, e-mailings, e-learning can all help clinch the deal and boost visibility for your event
  2. Organisation: Yellow Pill takes care of the full logistical and operational side of your event, from the choice of venue and catering to on-site equipment and more.
  3. Amplification: Mediquality helps create even more buzz in the media via personalised content in the form of articles, interviews with key opinion leaders (KOLs), reprints, etc.

This unique concept places the full resources of Yellow Pill at your disposal. To boost the visibility of your event and, in turn, the number of participants. For an added reach of up to 60%.

Examples of events for which we have a proven track record

Expert meetings (KOL’s)

Product launches (both internal and external)

Press conferences

Cycling meets and team-building events

Want to add an extra dimension to your next event? Contact us today to explore the possibilities together.