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« Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising »

Jeff Richards

Marketing strategies tailored to the challenges of healthcare

There’s a big difference between marketing in healthcare and marketing in other sectors. The former’s strict and complex legislative landscape and the strong ethical codes that underpin it have a significant impact on communications. Working with experts specialised in medical and healthcare marketing is essential to guarantee an effective and compliant communications strategy. Together, however, we work to generate real engagement with your brand!

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Creative solutions in healthcare marketing

The strength of our medical communications agency lies in the creativity we infuse in each and every one of our strategies. Indeed, given the restrictions inherent in the healthcare sector, originality is paramount to sparking the engagement your brand needs in order to survive and thrive.

It’s always good to take a moment to reflect before springing into action. Which is why we begin by thoroughly analysing your needs and expectations together, in order to arrive at a transparent benchmark. The objective is to find an angle that will help your brand stand out from the crowd; the basis of your entire communications strategy.

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Interested in developing a marketing and/or communications strategy adapted to your target group?

A unique strategy for every target group

Active in all areas of healthcare from prescription and OTC medication to food supplements, medical devices and prevention, we are ideally placed to help sharpen your communications for a wide variety of target groups including general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, patients and consumers.

Developing a solid understanding of your various target groups is therefore indispensable to a result-oriented communications plan.

We use our proven expertise in healthcare to define precisely who you need to target and how to reach them.


A few examples of our competencies

There are multiple reasons for choosing a strategic marketing agency specialised in the healthcare sector. Not the least of which is our diverse range of competencies, covering every aspect of your project:

Providing strategic support

Developing creative concepts

Drafting personalised communications plans

Identifying key messages for your brand

Optimising your brand positioning

Developing repositioning strategies based on an analysis of your sector, market and competitors